Ramblin’ Man

Posted by on June 24, 2010 in Exploration, Nature, Photography, Travel, Wedding | 0 comments

I‘ll keep this short – the last two weeks have been fairly busy. Shot a wedding of two more friends (Eva and Matt Fortini) near Milwaukee and went backpacking up in northern Minnesota with my best friend, Cole. Two weekends of long, but worthwhile travel. Lots of excitement, mosquitos, sporadic food, and hours of music streaming on my iPod.

I bring a small preview, two images, the first from the Fortini wedding (I like calling them the Fortini’s) and a little behind-the-scenes of Cole and I at work…

Let’s take a poll. What’s your opinion on Cole’s bandana? Leave some feedback in the comments, whether you think it plays or not. He wore it almost the entire time after he got it up in Ely.

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