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Well, hello there. I didn’t see you come in. Take a look around. I’ve done a few things with the place. You might not recognize it, but I think you’ll find it’s easy to navigate. What I’ve done:

  • Framed a couple of photographs (see the Portfolio)
  • Cleaned
  • Painted
  • Hung fixtures
  • Installed hardwood floors, because seven consecutive episodes of House Hunters said that was the way to go

It’s taken a lot longer than I ever anticipated, and… I’ve developed a seething hatred for HTMLHTML is the coding language for websites. Once you spend enough time with it, you begin to read it like you do any other language, but I'd rather spend my time behind the camera than at the computer. (mouse over for more information) code in the process. But, rather than focus on the technical things in this post, I wanted to make an introduction. I’ll make a separate post about the changes.

For now, let’s move onto the main event: meet Drake and Dana.

In little over a month, I’ll be photographing their wedding at the Village of Yesteryear in Owatonna. I’m excited to have these two cool cats in front of the lens for an entire day, rather than 11 seconds (see, image) at Caribou Coffee. I’ve known them both since high school, but we’ve met on several occasions in the last few months and I’ve seen what complete people they’ve become. They’re enjoyable to be around, both lighthearted and easygoing. They seem to take the world at an unhurried pace, calm and respectful of themselves and others. I heard Drake state he should wear an off-white shirt to match Dana’s dress (see, chivalry–noun, plural -ries for 6.
1. the sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms.
). And, on top of that, they look smashingly joyful together.

Fun D&D Facts: Drake likes to wear hats. Dana has an excellent taste in TV shows. Psych, Dexter, etc.

They’ve been full of ideas and hopes about their future, and in our extended conversations my anticipation for their day has grown exponentially. As an artist, your enthusiasm for your work ebbs and flows over the course of time, but folks like this light a fire in those people they encounter everyday.

Time for me to attend to some other work, but I’ll see you all again very soon.


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